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Creation of Border Security Force

Till 1965 India’s borders with Pakistan were manned by the State Armed Police Battalions.Pakistan attacked Sardar Post, Chhar Bet and Boria Bet on 9 April, 1965 in Kutchh. This exposed the inadequacy of the State Armed Police to cope up with the armed aggression due to which the Government of India felt the need for a specialized centrally controlled Border Security Force, which would be armed and trained to man the International Border with Pakistan. As a result of the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries, the Border Security Force came into existence on 01 Dec 1965 under Shri K F Rustamji. founding father, as the first chief of the Force.

Creation of HQ SPL DG (EC)

On creation of BSF in 1965, Calcutta was chosen as the Headquarters ..............UNDER CONS.

Shri Ramesh Prasad Singh, IPS is the present Addl DG of the HQ SPL DG (EC).


“SECURITY OF THE BORDERS of India and matters connected therewith.”


The tasks of the BSF are divided into two groups as follows:

(a) Peace time
1.  Promote a sense of security among the border population.
2.  Prevent trans-border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India.
3. Prevent smuggling and other illegal activities.
4. In the last few years the BSF has, in addition to its duties, been deployed for counter insurgency and internal security duties also.

 (b) War Time
1. Holding ground in less threatened sectors.
2. Protection of vital installations.
3. Assistance in controlling refugees.
4. Anti-infiltration duties in specified areas.

“Any task, anytime, anywhere” and the BSF has given blood and sweat to execute its motto”  


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